Tuesday, December 11

Value ETF Portfolio - 11 Dec update

Our ETF value portfolio is doing well! It is up 4.0% since launch in 1st November. Total value at US$10,395.

Since 1st November this year:

Emerging market ETF (ticker: EEM) up 8.3%
Real estate (ticker: RWR) up 7.3%
Non-US developed countries ETF (ticker: EFA) up 4.5%
S&P500 ETF (ticker: IVV) up 3.6%
10-year bond ETF (ticker: IEF) up 1.0%
Inflation-protected bond ETF (ticker: TIP) up 1.2%

Note that bonds are supposed to give lower but more stable return and they are important in lowering the overall risk of the portfolio.