Monday, October 9


I am a private banker by profession, which means I take care of the investments of individuals with net worth over US$1 million. Previously, I spent several years in New York and Hong Kong as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, and has been a corporate finance specialist at a blue-chip corporation in Asia. I also mange our family fund which has so far generated a cumulative 49% return in the last 2.5 years.

Reason of starting this blog:

  • to organize my investment thoughts and to keep a record of my ideas and performance;
  • to share my investment views with people who are unfamiliar with or too busy to "deal with this kind of stuff".

Everyone visiting this blog is most welcome to add comments or questions at the end of each post.

I do believe a sound, long-term and disciplined investment is critical for everyone -- this should be your second, if not the major source of income, if you guide your assets to earn money by itself!

Feel free to leave your questions and ideas in the comment section of each post or email me at


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