Wednesday, October 18

Smart Investing: a Beginner’s Guide

After throwing in a few investment thought pieces, I will now start the first "workshop" on investment. I plan to write about why, when and how to invest your hard-earned money based on my own experience so far.

Although I have soaked a bunch of finance knowledge in Wall Street, it is not until I started investing for our family fund that I understand the importance of disciplined, smart investing. You can do it, or ask someone to do it. But you can't ignore it. Too much is at stake, my friend.


  • Smart investing - a way to free yourself and bring your dreams closer
  • 10 excuses of not investing and how to tackle it
  • Investment: why now?
  • Investment: what is a good return?

How to start

How to grow further

  • How to monitor and analyze your investment portfolio
  • Further reading


Anonymous Sophie said...

love reading your blog everyday, learnt a lot! keep it up! thanks much,

Saturday, November 11, 2006  

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