Tuesday, October 10

Asian Markets

Asia is in vogue again! Since the 1997 financial crisis, the region has cleaned up its massive debt, de-linked and stabilized their currencies, and economies from Japan to Malaysia to India are booming.

Many Asian countries are arguably the biggest beneficiaries of a fast-developing China: Indonesia gaining from wood and raw material export, Hong Kong and Thailand from tourism, Japan and Korea from cheap Chinese products available to their local residents. On the other hand, the sheer size of China's manufacturing capability is overwhelming for many business owners throughout the region.

Meanwhile, India is emerging as a super-center of information technology and back-offices such as call centers and accounting services. Middle class is growing rapidly, benefiting a wide range of domestic industries e.g. banks, real estates, retail shops and media/entertainment. However, infrastructure throughout the countries needs to be improved to unleash its great potential.

In a nutshell: in Asia, risks remain, yet opportunities are everywhere! Long-term investors with a consistent strategy will be handsomely rewarded from this exciting region.

The following is my articles on various investment ideas in Asia:

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